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WS Real Estate CRM & CMS

Leader in customer relationship management. We deliver innovative technology to make it possible to share the various types of information in the Real Estate business.


The CRM/CMS system has various separate individual modules. All information is linked to make it one compact bundle of information. Below we will display the various individual modules.

In the client module, all information from your buyers and sellers is stored, from contact details to their “wish list”. This client’s module, will allow you to automatically, based on their requirements entered into the “wish list”, activate a property alert to match their “wish”. Or, if you prefer, you can also do a manual search if there are properties matching the client’s wish list within the property database.
Information is knowledge, and the real estate business can be very hectic at times. It is important to keep your potential buyers happy and your team up to date. To allow you to do this more effectively, all incoming and outgoing email traffic from clients is recorded. Furthermore, you can manually add phone calls, tours, or any other communication made with the client. The big advantage here is real time information!
Anybody you select to have access, can look up the file for Mr. Jones and see his contact history without loosing time and thus being able to serve the client and follow up accordingly. Again, service and personalization are the keywords. For example - your secretary picks up the phone and she doesn’t know Mr Jones, she can easily look into the system and help the client as if she has been dealing with him all along!

You can add rental or sales properties in the dbase, the rental properties will ask you to put a daily/weekly/monthly price into the system.
To enter a new property you have to follow a few steps. Fist you will have to identify if the seller is an existing or new client, then fill out all information you need on the property, and what you want to be displayed on your website. Furthermore, if you want to use several languages we can offer this option as well.
Then, add the pictures and even a video tour if you wish. Now you have provided the system with all the information to automatically create a .pdf template that you can email to your clients and also that can be downloaded from our website for your website visitors.

Transaction module
All your efforts have worn you sales and now you need to record all the information pertaining to each sale. In our transaction module you simply select the buyer, the property they have purchased and the seller involved. Now you have all the information on the sale made! Furthermore, you can add details of other parties involved, such as the lawyer, notary, etc.
Then, you enter the various figures belonging to the sale, such as payment stages, commissions to partners and/or employees so your sale is registered with accurate records of the entire transaction.

This module allows you to download all information onto an excel sheet and keep this for reference.

Yes there is more - to complete your virtual office, the e-mail module operates “on top” of the system.
This means, that all email communication made through the system can be allocated to a particular recipient.

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