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WS Real Estate CRM
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Affiliate Program
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WS is offering a great opportunity for you to share in our success.
With our affiliate program, joining is simple, fast and risk free. Extra money can be earned in your spare time... Simply pass the clients to us and we will take it from there... WS offer a great deal... 20% of its profit.
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WS Real Estate CRM & CMS

Leader in customer relationship management. We deliver innovative technology to make it possible to share the various types of information in the Real Estate business.

Related Services

Your current database
Depending on the software you have been using to managing your property and client information, we might be able to integrate your existing database into the WS system. This means, you would not have to re-enter all your records and photography into the new system, meaning accurate information from the source and time savings! We are compatible with various existing database systems but can even import information from Excel files.

Personal Training
Training is important to make the best use of any software system. Within Europe we can offer training from one of our software engineers. Fees are charged on a daily basis, travel costs and accommodation are not included in this.

PDF Templates
Our CRM system is easy to use, even for those with very little knowledge of computers. With just a few simple steps you can create .pdf files with property descriptions. Just add in the owner, property information and pictures and automatically a .pdf will be generated.

We can install various templates according to your company style or wishes.

Specific Exporation system for Web Portals
For any Real Estate company, maintaining your own and third party websites and portals is an extremely time consuming task. Most of the large portals can import auto-feeds like XML. With our system we can even adjust the outgoing feed to certain websites if necessary !

You can select which properties you want to bulk export to a certain website, just select and export. It really can be as simple and quick as that.

Embedded Emailing & SMS Marketing Sistem
Our 2008 module will have mass emailing and SMS software available. You can manage your own campaigns and select the clients you want to email or SMS. The system will automatically send 1 email to all of your clients. Again saving time will save money !

In the Real Estate business, keeping in touch with the clients is important. With this system, you can set the time and date for when you want certain emails to be sent, to a certain group of clients.

The upgrade package will become available, for existing users , at no extra cost.

Special Developpement
If you have special wishes or ideas which you want to see integrated in the CRM just let us know and we will make it happen.

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